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Welcome to Julie A. Kennedy, DMD West Palm Beach Endodontist

What is an endodontist?

An endodontist is a dentist who specializes in the treatment of the soft interior of your tooth. After earning her DMD, Dr. Kennedy went on to complete advanced training that includes the diagnosis and treatment of dental pain. She specializes in routine and complex root canal procedures while utilizing state-of-the-art technology, such as digital imaging and the dental operating microscope. She takes pride in creating a relaxed, comfortable environment for her patients.

Are you looking for an endodontist in West Palm Beach?

West Palm Beach endodontist, Dr. Julie A. Kennedy, DMD is highly skilled in providing treatments that can relieve your tooth pain and help dental infections heal. Root canal therapy also offers the opportunity to save your tooth, which would otherwise require extraction.

If you are seeking an emergency endodontist in West Palm Beach, please call us. Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. We will get you into our office promptly so that Dr. Kennedy can provide the relief and treatment you need.

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Endodontist in West Palm Beach


” I have been a patient of Dr. Julie Kennedy since 1999 when I had my first root canal. While I would like to say that was the only time I needed a root canal, that was not the case for me. I have since had several other root canals by Dr. Kennedy as well as an apicoectomy. All were handled in a timely and professional manner. My confidence in Dr. Kennedy far surpasses how I feel towards any other specialist or general dentist in this area. Her training and skill made what I thought would be an unpleasant experience a completely painless one. In addition, her staff are all kind, caring, and respectful people. I would highly recommend any of my friends to seek Dr. Kennedy to be their endodontist.”

David J.

“I though that going to see an endodontist was going to be a bad experience.   Well, I was wrong! Dr. Kennedy has a great chairside manner, always gives me a thorough examination, and takes time to explain my available options.  So far I have seen her 3 times and have had 3 good experiences!! Thanks!!”

Forever a patient,

Katie D.

“About a month ago I had a terrible toothache on a Sunday. After a few unanswered phone calls to my general dentist, my friend Laura knew that “Dr. Julie” specialized in root canals and suggested we try to call her. Laura contacted her and Dr. Julie met me at her office “on a Sunday!!” . She initiated the root canal in order to get me out of pain. The following day I returned to her office where she and her wonderful staff completed the procedure. My dentist was quite impressed with the quality of her work. “Dr. Julie” and her staff were extremely professional and efficient and the procedure was completely painless! I would highly recommend Dr. Julie to anyone needing this procedure.”

Mark R.

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